DimeMod 1.18 (_DM1I000)

That is the modification for 32-bit Subaru ECUs providing additional functionality.

Available features:

  1. Speed Density, Manifold pressure-based fueling calculation
    • Volumetric Efficiency map -24×24.
    • IAT and Tip-in additional used-defined corrections.
    • AlphaN mode.
    • MAF/SD blending, AlphaN/SD blending, or AlphaN/MAF blending.
    • X axes in fuel / ignition / avcs maps could be changed to pressure-based instead of g/rev.
  2. ALS: Launch-Control + Flat Foot Shift + RollingLaunch + AntiLag​
    • Fuel cut / Ignition cut / Combo modes are available.
    • “No cut mode” is available, making no cuts in combustion events, but retarding the ignition- useful for FFS or RL, to avoid hesitation.
    • Cut level is adjustable, combo pattern is adjustable.
      An exemple of LC configured for Fuel Cut with cut level of 75% (see second part of the video): https://www.youtube.com/embed/nVMuLhmd0Z4?wmode=opaque
  3. Auto throttle blip on clutch depress to match revs for lower gear while braking in-gear.
    • static accelerator depress imitation (like EcuTek has)
    • adaptive algorithm, configured with transmission gear ratios and setting target revs automatically
  4. KnockLight – CEL flash on knock event
    • Configurable thresholds for revs, load, FBKC and FLKC values.
    • Constant CEL flash if FBKC or FLCK is lower, than configured threshold.
    • Constant CEL flash if IAM drops lower than configured threshold.
    • If the car has no per-cylinder Knock Sum in logger, it can be added.
  5. Corrections by gears – ignition timing, fueling target, boost target, wastegate duty target
    • Four additional maps 3D, [RPM] х [gear] = [correction], for ignition timing, fueling target, boost target, wastegate duty target.
  6. Map Switching (including FlexFuel map blending)​
    • Two additional map sets (one additional map set for 512k ROMs) for ignition timing, fueling target, avcs position, boost and wastegate.
    • CEL is flashing one, two, or three times at ignition on, showing currently selected set. CEL could be configured to show new selected set on set change while driving.
      • Map selection modes:
        1. SI-Drive. Can be switched on-the-go.
        2. Accelerator depress to the floor while ignition on and engine stopped.
        3. External 0-5v input. Voltage thresholds for sets 2 and 3 are configurable. Rear O2 sensor input and TGV inputs (left / right) are supported.
  7. User-defined PWM control for CPC valve or Fuel Pump output
    • CPC valve output handles up to 5A of current. Fuel Pump output handles up to 30A of current.
  8. User-defined Secondary air outputs control​
    • Two outputs (sec. air pump and sec. air valve #1) are available with discrete (on/off) states via [RPM]x[manifold pressure]=[state] map.
  9. Valet Mode.
    • Accelerator pedal is not functioning (throttle will not open) until secret code is entered.
    • ECU Reflash could be blocked until code is entered.
    • Two codes are available: Service code and User Code.
    • Service code allows throttle to be opened with a limitation.
    • User code allow normal throttle operation.

Want to have any personal custom functionality? I can help you. Tell me the details, I will estimate the cost and time.​

All of the features, except KnockLight, are disabled by default. To enable and edit the parameters, use one of suitable editors.
XML for modified ROMs are available for EcuFlash and EcuEdit. RomRaider XMLs are available on request.

The modification is suitable for Denso ECUs with SH7055 and SH7058 MCUs. That includes ECUs can be flashed with EcuFlash, with DBW and SubaruCAN methods.
All of 1024k sized ROMs are suitable. Most of 512к EDM/JDM ROMs are suitable too. Naturally aspired 2.5, 3.0 and 3.6 also could be modified.
JDM Forester Turbo AT, with AG57x ECU series also is suitable.

A modification is built with a license linked to your ECU.
To build a modification, I need some extra ECU data. No ECU modifications will be performed during this process.
You need to download and run the software: https://disk.yandex.ru/d/70b18Uab-LidkA
Being connected to the car and having an Internet connection available:

  • Press the “Connect” button.
  • Connect green test connectors, if it is required to reflash the car.
  • Turn the ignition on, but do not start the car.
  • Press the “Get DimeMod ECU Link Data” button.

You will get a nine lines of code (“00: xxxxxxxx, 01: xxxxxxx, … CS: xxxxxxxx”). Copy it as text and send me in your modification request.

You will also need to attach the ROM file or specify a Calibration ID of the ROM file the modification will be applied to.

In case you need table axes to be replaced from g/rev to pressure – please, specify it in your request.

After car keys re-learn, or VIN number change- license needed to be re-linked. Will do that free of charge, but please warn me before any changes.

Minor version updates (from 1.х.х to 1.у.у, but not to 2.z.z) – will be done free of charge.

A cheatsheet: English Version Here

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